Product Ordering
1. Is your product qualified?
There is only one Sfere Electric in China, and we guarantee that all our products are qualified.

2. How to apply for free samples?
If you are interested in our products, and want to test the performance, you can contact us and apply for free samples.

3. How to get the latest product files?
You can download desired documents from our website, or get the latest information via email.

4. How to enquire the delivery time for each product?
Please send us an email letter, and we will answer your questions

5. What kinds of products are available?
We can supply all the products manufactured by Sfere Electric, including digital ammeter, digital voltmeter, frequency counter, power meter, power factor meter, power quality monitor, motor protection controller, electric measuring transducer, etc.

6. What is the application range of your product?
Our product has been widely used in different industries, such as electric power, airport, building, traffic, cement, manufacturing, metallurgy, petrochemical plant, and other places.

7. Have you attended any exhibition in this field?
We have taken part in many relevant exhibitions, and are planning to participate in more. For more details, please visit our website.

After-Sales Service
1. What if problems take place during installation and working?
Under the condition that such problem happens, we will provide solutions via email. If necessary, field technical support will be offered, including on-site trouble shooting, technical guidance, and professional training.

2. How long is the warranty time?
We provide 1 year warranty service.

3. What is your plan if there is a problem with your product quality?
After detection, if the product quality is proven to be inferior, you can exchange or return our product.

4. How long will it take for maintenance?
In most cases, the examination report will be created within 1 day after the broken product is received. If repair work is needed, it usually takes 10 days for maintenance.

1. How to send your products to us?
EMS and DHL are preferred, and freight collect is even better.

1. How to deliver suggestions and complaints?
If you are not satisfied with our service, please send an email to, and we will respond within 3 working days.